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The quill can be mightier than the wand

Have quill, will travel

Zach's banner

My name is Zacharias Smith, but my friends call me Zach. There's no love lost between my parents and myself. I left home right after graduating Hogwarts, after I inherited enough money from my grandfather to be financially independent. Let's just say that my family is severely dysfunctional and leave it at that.

I'm a very sought after and award-winning freelance writer for both Muggle and wizarding publications. I've traveled around the world, making a name for myself and my writing, as well as my own fortune.

Now, I've decided that its time to come back to England and see what a more normal life is like. Along with my ferret, Lance, I'm looking for some stability. Still, I'm not looking to tame my free-spirited and adventurous nature.

*Note: This is the personal journal of Zach Smith, played by Poetrychik. It is part of the community, dark_of_heart and the fan community, hearts_poisoned, which also is for fans of the community silencepoisoned. Zach was also part of the community boulevard_dream, which is no longer being updated. . Also, much thanks to the fabulous ashleyfanfic for making Zach's header on the info page and for helping me with the coding. My partner in crime, the fabulous shadows_zephyr made the banner on Zach's journal. Lots of love to her too!*